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January 27, 2023


Do You Need a Business Card in 2023?

A Practical Guide to Business Cards 

At Wilke CPAs & Advisors, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-changing business landscape. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight important business topics through our advisory services blog series, where we take a deep dive into the financial complexities of running a business and provide you with the insights you need to make informed, strategic decisions. Read on to discover more about the future of business cards and how they are still tied to business growth. 

CPA Perspective: Do You Need a Business Card in 2023?

For good reason, business cards are a staple in the business world. They are a quick and easy way to exchange contact information with potential clients, partners, and colleagues. However, as we move further into the digital age, some may question the relevance of carrying a business card in 2023.

First, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of investing in business cards. 

  • Business cards are tangible. They offer a physical representation of who you are and what you do that can be kept and referenced long after a conversation is over. They also serve as a reminder of a meeting or a conversation, making it easier for the recipient to follow up or connect with you in the future. 
  • Business cards are great for networking. Whether you’re at a conference, an industry event, or visiting a potential customer, having a business card on hand can help you quickly exchange contact information. 
  • Business cards are marketing tools. You can use your business card as a way to express your brand and make a lasting impression with potential clients or partners. You can think of them as supplemental to your LinkedIn page and company website. 
  • They are relatively inexpensive to produce. With the rise of online printing services, designing and printing high-quality cards at a low cost is now possible. We suggest working with a professional designer for the most visually appealing results.

Even with the benefits listed here, you may still decide to remove business cards from your budget. With smartphones and social media, exchanging contact information electronically and storing it in your digital contacts is now possible. And many professionals now use professional networking websites like LinkedIn to connect with others in their industry, reducing the need for physical cards.

In that case, we suggest looking into digital business cards. These digital versions of traditional business cards can be shared via email, text, or QR codes. They have many of the same advantages as traditional cards, such as being a tangible representation of who you are and what you do, but they also have the added benefit of being easily accessible and shareable. Additionally, digital cards can be easily updated, meaning you can keep your contact information current and accurate.

What’s Next & Other Considerations 

Whether or not you need a business card in 2023 depends on your individual situation. It can be a valuable tool if you’re in a role that requires a lot of networking and face-to-face interactions. But it might not be as necessary if you’re in a role that doesn’t require much in-person networking. 

Keep in mind that it’s not only the physical card but also the networking and follow-up that is important. And don’t forget, you can always have a digital version of your business card to make sure you can share it with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Wilke CPAs & Advisors is ready to help small business owners tackle everyday challenges. Contact us when you’re ready to take a closer look at your company’s expenses and overall financial strategy.

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