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Wilke has the experience to guide organizations of all sizes through technology integration. From updating the tech stack to improving cybersecurity protection, we go beyond technology to integrate information technology with accounting, human resources, and financial goals. We review and access vulnerabilities that put an organization at risk and provide policy recommendations and implementation guidance to improve security and efficiency.

As technology evolves, compliance demands change, and business environments cycle through your industry, we will walk you from testing to successfully implementing your information technology plans.

Technology and consulting solutions include:

Cybersecurity Policy & Procedures:

  • Performing a business and cybersecurity insurance review and helping to negotiate cybersecurity riders on insurance policies.
  • Designing a customized cybersecurity policy suitable for regulatory compliance.
  • Creating business continuity and incident response plans.
  • Implementing multifactor authentication (MFA), endpoint detection, and other cybersecurity preventative measures.

Employee Training & Education:

  • Personalized for industry-specific cyber threats and organization-specific vulnerabilities.

Tech Evaluations & Referrals:

  • Providing software recommendations.
  • Assisting in technology vendor selection.
  • Leading training and roll-out for new software.
  • Recommending technology process efficiencies.
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Technology and Consulting

  • Cybersecurity Policy & Procedures
  • Employee Training & Education
  • Policy Development
  • Tech Evaluations & Referrals