Technology Consulting and Implementation Services

If Technology Consulting was not part of your long-term planning 5 years ago, take time today and update your short term plan to include Technology Consulting.  Our staff will review and access vulnerabilities that put your business at risk. We will give recommendations, assist in policy procedures, and implement security measures to reduce hackers’ opportunities to threaten your business.

We go beyond technology – we integrate information technology to work hand in hand with your accounting, human resource, and financial goals. Our team will supply you with our findings and recommendations and help you create a plan to increase your security and efficiency.

As your partner in technology, we will identify and recommend effective solutions by ways of:

  • Education and Training: People are the highest area of risk for a security breach. With the right training and education, human error can be reduced and the organization will be more compliant. We will build and implement a customized training program that keeps your staff educated and prepared for all types of cyber threats.
  • Policy Design and Implementation
  • Implementing MFA (Multifactor Authentication)
  • Business and Cybersecurity insurance review

As technology evolves, compliance demands change, and business environments cycle through your industry, we will walk with you from testing to the successful implementation of your information technology plans.

Please contact Maria Stromple or Jason Humienny to schedule a consultation.