Business is a team sport!

Businesses need support from professionals with an entrepreneurial perspective. 

Someone who understands more than the industry, a partner who can anticipate the challenges and help to seize opportunities in any situation or economy.

Our professionals specialize in several industries. Through a diverse background of personal and professional experience – many of our leaders have served in an owner or executive role in various industry sectors – we bring first-hand knowledge and real-time solutions to complex business issues.

People talking at a conference room table.

How We Help Businesses

Construction and Real Estate

Wilke helps Pittsburgh-area construction contractors and real estate investors manage risk and business planning.

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Wilke has a long history providing accounting, tax, and business advisory services to clients in higher education, especially private career schools.

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Wilke’s Healthcare practice focuses on serving the needs of physicians and other medical providers in small group and solo practices.

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Many manufacturers are dealing with a mixed outlook: uncertainty in the economy, supply chain, and global markets, yet balanced with higher demand and positive expectations for growth and profitability.

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Wilke professionals understand not-for-profit (NFPs) entities well

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Oil and Gas

Western Pennsylvania is a region rich with old and new energy resources.

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Professional Services

Professional service providers are client-facing by nature. It’s hard to turn inward to focus on the business, administration, and operations.

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The retail industry experienced a drastic shift in the last three years. New business models have transformed how consumers shop.

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Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies are facing higher costs for fuel, ongoing labor shortages, and changing regulations.

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