We provide strategic solutions throughout the year by keeping you updated on current tax laws to minimize tax liabilities and maximize future opportunities.

Protecting and providing for your beneficiaries are the fundamental goals of any comprehensive estate plan. The estate plan provides clear guidance for distributing assets and can help difficult discussions during legacy planning. Our role is to help navigate the complex tax laws to facilitate asset transfer while minimizing your beneficiaries' tax liability.

Tax compliance & advisory solutions include:

Business Tax Planning:

Comprehensive, integrated tax planning for businesses and their owners, partners, and executives. We work with partnerships and other pass-through entities, corporations, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs on various business tax issues, including entity selection, year-round planning, forecasts and budgets, strategic transactions, economic nexus, sales tax, representation with the IRS and other governmental agencies, and more. There is no single approach, and each client’s plan is tailored to their specific circumstances and goals.

Estates & Trusts:

Forward-thinking wealth creation, retention, and transfer strategies for high-net-worth individuals and families. We work with you to create an estate plan to preserve your legacy and pass wealth and assets to the next generation or specific charities or foundations. Select strategies include but aren’t limited to revocable and irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, charitable trusts, bypass trusts, valuations, and maximizing state and federal estate tax compliance. We work with business owners on how the company factors into the estate plan and prepare and file estate tax returns.

Gift Tax Planning:

Various gift tax planning strategies include planned charitable giving, charitable gift annuities and trusts, generation-skipping transfer tax rules, and managing annual and lifetime gift tax limits. Gift tax strategies may also involve gifts for education or medical expenses and considerations for capital gains when gifting securities or other appreciated assets.


Integrated tax preparation and filing for business owners, partners, executives, and high-net-worth individuals and their families. We factor in all available deductions, credits, and strategies to minimize or spread the tax liability. The impact of retirement plans, gift taxes, flow-through income, multi-state tax liability, foreign reporting, and other changes in family status are considered for a proactive, year-round tax plan. We also represent clients on behalf of the IRS and other government agencies.


From applying for tax-exempt status to maintaining it, not-for-profit tax services also include preparing and filing Forms 990 and payroll tax returns and managing the impacts of unrelated business income tax (UBIT), sales tax, and tax exemptions.

Tax Incentives:

Utilizing various tax incentives to minimize liability and increase cash flow. Examples include R&D, 179D, retirement plan startup tax credit, pass-through entity tax deduction, work opportunity tax credit, COVID tax credits, and other industry-specific tax incentives.

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