A business or individual may have tax liabilities in another state and not even realize it. Physical presence is no longer required, and the rules are different for each state and jurisdiction. Companies with remote or hybrid workers may also owe payroll taxes based on where the work is completed, regardless of where the employer’s physical office is. Keeping track of changing state and local tax (SALT) laws and regulations is complicated and can easily become time-consuming. Avoid the stress of staying up to date on the different SALT laws and wondering what to do if a mistake is made.

Wilke’s SALT professionals can manage the impact and compliance for wherever your business or family has reporting requirements.

SALT solutions include:

State And Local Tax Filing:

From multiple jurisdictions to multiple states, we keep up with the different tax laws and requirements so you don’t have to. We manage year-round compliance, reporting, and filing needs with the goal of minimizing tax liability. We can also help your organization implement processes for SALT compliance and always recommend proactive strategies to manage SALT impact, like SALT cap workarounds.

Nexus Compliance:

Since the Wayfair ruling and COVID changed the landscape for doing business across state lines and working from anywhere, it’s possible for any organization to owe taxes in another jurisdiction or state. And states have different thresholds for reporting taxable income and activities. Wilke analyzes your organization’s nexus footprint for sales tax exposure, payroll compliance, advertising and solicitation, and/or fundraising. We can file appropriate permits on your company’s behalf and handle all nexus-related filing and compliance issues.

Sales Tax Compliance:

Online retailers and e-commerce businesses may have sales tax liability in dozens of different municipalities, counties, and states. We handle sales tax registration, help your organization implement processes to track and report sales tax activities and income, and manage the impact of sales tax on top-line revenue and profitability.

Managing SALT Risk:

We take a whole-company approach to managing SALT risk and exposure and consider all available tax incentives, tradeoffs of different tax planning approaches, the potential role of interstate tax agreements, and other factors to help businesses simplify their SALT liability.