Providing Insight to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace

Whether starting a new business venture, growing an existing business, or forming an exit plan, Wilke advisory professionals can provide proactive, knowledgeable guidance every step of the way. We have advised entrepreneurs, startups, and mature businesses with revenues ranging from less than a few million dollars annually to more than $500 million.

Advisory is built into everything we do, and we work hard to understand the unique needs and nuances of each client and situation. When clients look to us for answers, we respond with solutions and help them see beyond current compliance needs to reach their goals.

Advisory and Business Planning services include:

Business Entity Selection: For entrepreneurs, choosing the correct business entity can have long-term impacts on growth and profitability. We help new business owners select the most appropriate entity type based on their goals, industry, and tax and accounting needs. We also help them understand their compliance obligations and provide best practices and support for compensation planning, bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and more.

Business Plan Preparation: Business plans are crucial for entrepreneurs and growing organizations to clearly define their market, goals, risks and opportunities, and finances. A well-executed business plan can help to secure funding or financing and provide actionable steps to achieve success. We have helped dozens of businesses create and implement customized business plans and coached them through pitches to lenders or potential investors.

Compensation Plans: Compensation planning can be a part of tax compliance for some entity types. It can also be a tool to manage tax liability and profitability. We help business owners and partners with compensation analysis, base and incentive compensation plans, retirement and other benefits as part of the overall package, and regulations according to IRS and other requirements, as needed.

Exit and Succession Planning: Because planning a transition out of a closely held business is a highly personal matter, Wilke professionals take the time to understand the transaction’s short- and long-term goals. Our support can include a wide range of exit and succession planning solutions, including an internal sale or transfer of ownership, external sale to a strategic buyer, ESOP, IPO, PE, or plans involving gifting shares of the business to an estate or trust.

Financial Projections: Useful in a variety of scenarios, financial projections can help organizations anticipate what’s next, identify strategic opportunities, and manage risk. Our professionals can assist with sales, earnings, and cash flow forecasts, budgets, cash flow modeling, benchmarking, retirement plan financial modeling, and projections as part of M&A or other strategic transactions.

Menu of

Advisory & Business Planning

  • Budgets
  • Business Valuation
  • Exit Strategy & Succession Planning
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Improvement
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Investment Consulting
  • Pension Planning & Selection
  • Real Estate Property Cost Segmentation
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Chief Financial Officer Services