The vision for Wilke began as many accounting firms often do: around a kitchen table with a young family trying to make the best decisions for their future.

Co-Managing Partner David Wilke and his wife had a young child when he founded the Firm in 1998. He wanted more flexibility and work-life balance than a traditional public accounting career could offer, which became the Firm's foundation.

Human network concept. Worldwide business. Human resources.

Wilke started with two clients and has grown to more than 4,000 today – and counting!

Our mission from the beginning has been to provide an innovative framework of support for our team members to meet them where they are in their life journey, respecting individual goals and applying their entrepreneurial mindset to deliver superior client service.

Wilke went above and beyond as part of traditional accounting and tax engagements long before it was a trend; it’s just been our way of doing business since the beginning.

Man working on a laptop while in a meeting.


Individuals - We lead with integrity holding ourselves as individuals and as a team to a higher standard as we monitor and measure performance.

Community - We work as a team within the Firm and with our clients cultivating relationships based on trust, understanding, and support of expectations. 

Extraordinary - We are passionate about our profession and willing to do the impossible to get the job done well.

Innovation - We foster a culture of intelligent risk-taking honoring new technologies to effectively make decisions leading our profession and clients with the future in mind.

Respect - We have respect for ourselves, our team, and our clients at ALL times.

Open-minded - We listen to clients' needs and insights, synthesizing them with our expertise to help transform a business and grow value.