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The retail industry experienced a drastic shift in the last three years. New business models have transformed how consumers shop. The supply chain has been upended. Costs are higher, and margins are smaller than ever. Retailers’ ability to meet consumers where they are today – and tomorrow – can open up opportunities to attract new customers, increase revenue, and build long-term customer value.

Wilke can help retailers navigate the challenges they face today and prepare the business for whatever comes next,

Accounting, including bookkeeping, payroll management, reporting, policies, and outsourced services

Cash flow forecasting, analysis, and budgeting

Compensation planning

Forensic accounting and litigation support

Inventory management and profitability analysis

Pass-through tax planning and preparation for retail company owners and partners

Risk advisory, including internal control framework and processes

Tax strategies related to franchise/franchisor issues, sales tax, and cost segregation

Technology integration, including POS and ERP systems