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November 6, 2017

Pittsburgh CPA Honored as Best Place to Work Finalist

Pittsburgh CPA Wilke & Associates is honored by the Pittsburgh Business Times for seven straight years,  as one of the best places to work in Western Pennsylvania.

As accounting firms make this list one year and fall off the following year our CPA firm has made it 7 years in a row!!! We are humbled that our team enjoys working here and we would like to thank them and remind them to please continue to tell us what we can do better.

The top 10 reasons according to our staff why they love their job are:

10. My job allows me to utilize my strengths.

9. My immediate manager helps me to be successful in my job.

8.  I find my job interesting and challenging.

7.  I am proud to work here.

6.  I trust our senior leaders to lead the company to future success.

5. I’m happy with my job.

4. I believe this organization will be successful in the future.

3. Everyone here is treated fairly regardless of race, gender, age, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, or other differences.

2. My immediate manager cares about me as a person.

1. My job gives me the flexibility to meet the needs of both my work and personal life.

Each team member establishes their annual hours for the upcoming year based on the tax deadline calendar, employment status, job description and personal obligations. It is an entrepreneurial environment where working smart leads to fiscal benefits and always some type of fun! If there is a deadline, planning for more office hours may be the best option. If an employee needs to attend a school function, or medical appointment, working from home that day may be the most efficient option. The staff fulfills their commitment to the Wilke team and clients while prioritizing accordingly. If an individual enjoys and requires to be micromanaged and designated office hours sounds like a dream (with the exception of the day before a tax deadline and the day of the tax deadline), this is not the place for you.

The staff enjoys the philosophy “with freedom comes responsibility”. It is impossible to become a clock watcher. When a staff member has the responsibility to work based on production and earns based on productivity, team members have fewer opportunities to “fill” their time. Instead of paying someone to look like they are working until it’s time to “clock out”, our staff gets their work done and goes home. They have the opportunity to prioritize and integrate work, personal lives, relationships, health, fitness, community, and philanthropy in their daily schedules. This management style has proven in our organization to have produced a more pleasant and friendly workforce.

We celebrate birthdays, weddings, babies, the completion of tax deadlines, Super Bowl, Christmas and sometimes its “Just Because”. Some of the Celebrations are on site, nearby venues, and some are destination events using limousine-like transportation. It’s always a surprising adventure.

A professional at Wilke can strengthen their career, increase their value and earn a bigger paycheck in the process, by going above and beyond minimum requirements.

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