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October 25, 2019

Deploying Top Technology in Certified Public Accounting

Wilke & Associates, CPAs are geeking out with PTC

We were recently Published in TEQ Real Estate 2019 on Page 40.  Click this link or read the article below.

Wilke & Associates takes the responsibility of technology and security very seriously since we house volumes of sensitive information for clients and our employees. We understand hackers are at work 24 hours a day which means we need to be even more vigilant. Our systems need to be well protected 100% of the time.

With added security, there are typically layers of security and logins required which makes it time-consuming or tedious to gain access. That’s why we have employed a highly secured system that provides protection, is convenient for our clients to share information, and for our employees to work anywhere.

It has been a balancing act to increase security to protect our clients, company, and employees, and at the same time assure convenience and efficiency for our clients and team. We have been successful with the help of digital products from Thomson Reuters that are secure, easy to access, and convenient for clients and staff to use anywhere.

Client Virtual Data Rooms

This system continues to prove its value with our clients through Data Rooms. These Data Rooms, neatly store all client information (individual or corporate). Clients can upload information to us, download information from us, and sign documents. We can also create Data Rooms for our clients’ bankers, attorneys or financial planners for collaborative projects to exchange information pertaining to financial statements, taxes, and other projects.

Employee Virtual Office Technology

Our team also has a Virtual Office they can access any time of the day. Our team has an entrepreneurial style of managing themselves and their workload. This commitment of our management aligns with our dedication to work-life balance.

This ability to work at any time has given our staff the opportunity to be available for important personal events and still meet deadlines to keep clients happy. This Virtual Office houses all documentation digitally – Microsoft Office applications, proprietary software programs, work papers, notes, past financials, and reference materials are at our employee’s fingertips.

Client App Underconstruction

Another technology upgrade we have been able to offer our clients is to pay our invoices using cryptocurrency. We have the ability to accept crypto payments in addition to traditional online payments. Current projects include developing an app for IOS and Android that works cooperatively with our clients’ Data Rooms. This app will also include chat, upcoming deadlines, and view the latest news and upcoming events. Another security goal is to be attachment-free emails by the end of the year to reduce the potential of virus downloads.

So, at Wilke & Associates, CPAs we believe that what keeps you awake at night shouldn’t be related to a security breach or failure with your personal or company information.  If you would like to learn more about our technology and client benefits, we would love for you to visit us in person at our South Hills location, call us at 412.278.2200, or visit

ICYMI – David Wilke visited the PTC studios for an interview on Tech Vibe Radio.  Click below to listen.

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