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October 17, 2013

David Wilke, CPA, MBA Partner of Wilke CPAs & Advisors, LLP Spotlighted in “Profiles for Success”

October 17, 2013 –

David Wilke

Managing Partner

Wilke & Associates, LLP

David Wilke, Managing Partner and CPA at Wilke & Associates, LLP, achieves his goals by planning. He began his career by writing down on a piece of paper what he wanted to achieve as far as income and status and he kept striving for that each and every day until he met his goal. He continues this practice with his employees. Each year, every employee, including himself, writes their business plan and this includes what they expect to accomplish, how many hours they want to work, and what they expect to be compensated. He says, “You should keep in mind, when you get up in the morning, as to why you’re doing something.”

It wasn’t until graduate school that Wilke decided on a career path. He knew that he liked both finance and accounting; however, accounting looked like it had a more promising future. It also appealed to him to be self-employed and these two things meshed together well.

Among normal accounting services, Wilke & Associates, LLP also provides services in the area of tax and financial planning, estate planning, start-up consulting, and business planning, just to name a few. Wilke himself, does so much more beyond his duties at the firm. He speaks at seminars, writes articles, provides volunteer consulting services, and real estate investing. He also has shared his knowledge on various radio segments throughout his career.

Wilke not only believes that planning is a key part of success; he describes it as, “Being able to do what you want, when you want.” He adds that most successful people have a positive outlook on life.

Wilke also shares, “Most successful people share qualities of, in my experience, the desire to help others be successful.” They even help define what success is for them.

Even with help, Wilke believes that some people, most common being the young college graduates, lack general interpersonal, phone, and written skills. This is what will separate those who will become successful and those who will struggle.

Unlike those struggling, Wilke had a competitive advantage when he entered his accounting career. Technology was being introduced and computerized accounting programs where being developed, which he was able to get a taste of in college. Most companies were still using manual recording for accounting and tax preparation.

Of course, along with advantages, there were also difficult times. During these times, Wilke admits that he used to take things personally or let failure limit him. He learned over the years, as long as he was trying to improve and trying to do the right things for people, mistakes and failure were okay. He learned to deal with it.

One of the hardest things that Wilke has done in his career is filing a civil complaint against a former partner. He knew it was needed, but didn’t want to do it because the outcome could have a negative impact on both sides. In the end, he knew it was the right decision and if he hadn’t done it, the rest of the associates would feel unappreciated, underserved, and that the firm wasn’t valuable.

“You should keep in mind, when you get up in the morning, as to why you’re doing something.”

Wilke has received some great advice over the years. Some things that stand out to him are when he met Zig Ziglar and explained to him that he sometimes felt guilted for having too much success. Ziglar said, “It’s not me. I take the gifts that God gave me and I try to do the best I can.” Wilke really thought about that statement and it’s what keeps him humble. He can take what he has and help other people grow.

The other piece of advice is something he wishes he would’ve followed a little more closely in his younger years. His father explained to him, when he was going off to college, to get a skill, get good advice, and listen to it. Wilke realizes how valuable that is today.

Looking to the near future, Wilke’s top priority is to be working less hours at the firm. Next in line is seeing and helping three individuals become owners of his company. Looking at the goals he’s already accomplished, Wilke should have no problem reaching these too.

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