CryptoCurrency Payment Process

As it is not possible to make a payment directly from Coinbase or other crypto exchanges, clients will have to transfer their coin to a wallet capable of issuing payments (we recommend the BitPay wallet).  A list of other wallets are found here –

Individuals can download the BitPay wallet on their phone or desktop using the app store or the links found here –

Once the wallet is created, the individual needs to load it with the proper amount to pay their invoice.  The invoice needs to be generated by Wilke & Associates within BitPay and will be sent to you via email.  The following video shows the exact steps necessary to make a transfer from Coinbase to a BitPay wallet –

After the required funds become available in their new BitPay wallet (this can sometimes take up to 30 minutes), the client can then pay their invoice by simply scanning the QR code from their BitPay app.

While this process may seem confusing, it is necessary to facilitate transactions with the level of security that comes with the payment protocol.  Please contact us, and we will assist you through the payment process.   More information and a step-by-step guide on this payment process can be found here –