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May 27, 2016

Attention PA businesses that pay taxes

Attention PA businesses that pay taxes….find out about EITC today!

You can direct a portion of those tax dollars to fund an educational organization of YOUR CHOICE!!!!
Authorized PA businesses may begin applying for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) and redirect their tax dollars to fund approved educational organizations if the business is currently subject to the following taxes:
Personal Income Tax
Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise Tax
Corporate Net Income Tax
and many more…

This credit is a benefit to schools and scholarship organizations. A one-year commitment gets a 75% tax credit and a two-year commitment gets a 90% credit. There are important guidelines to follow in applying for the credit and then subsequently claiming it.

The staff of Wilke & Associates would be happy to assist you in the application process and tax planning overall. Contact our office to set up your appointment today by calling 412-278-2200 or visit our website to contact us.

To apply, find more details about the EITC program, and review a list of approved organization visit this link.

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