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Tax Planning Newsletter

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It’s time to call Wilke & Associates, Pittsburgh’s leading CPA Firm for New Year Tax Planning!

2018 is starting with the most sweeping tax reform in three decades. This means that building the most effective 2018 tax plan from the ground up will help you to create a plan and a budget to put you in the best position to succeed through December into 2019.


It is highly probable that you will be financially affected by more than one of the changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Some of the most notable changes involve:

Individual Tax Rate Brackets which have been revised to expand more income to lower rates.

Deductions have been expanded in some instances and some have been eliminated.

Pass-through entity tax rates have been lowered to a new 20% income reduction calculation.

Estate Tax exemption has been doubled to $11.2 million on the federal level.

For more information about the act click here to read our New Year Tax Planning Newsletter.

Our motto at Wilke & Associates is Plan. Budget. Succeed. We urge you to call your Wilke tax professional today at 412.278.2200 and make an appointment. We want you and your company to take full advantage of all the benefits this tax reform has to offer.

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